New Environmentally Safe Alternative to Acid Etching

Why Everyone is changing to SPEEDY-ETCH:


Seeing is believing! (See photos below for "How to Apply".)

DO NOT WET FLOOR FIRST, MUST BE APPLIED TO DRY SURFACE. Starting off with bare clean, smooth concrete...

Mask off the area you need to etch. Apply Speedy etch and keep surface wet. Do not let material dry out. The minimum time is about 15 minutes. The more etching and roughness needed the longer you can let product work

Close up of the wet surface. You can brush in but it is not necessary

Clean up product with water. For best results use a bucket of clean water, a sponge, a mop, or a wet /dry vacum


Here is a comparison of the original unetched surface and the newly etched surface after a 15 minute application of SPEEDY ETCH

These pictures tell the story of how safe and easy it is to use compared to trying to etch using an acid product.